The jury’s out …

Posted on September 23, 2015


or, actually, I haven’t had to report in for jury duty today or yesterday, so I’ve gotten to go to work, where it’s not crazy busy (in part because people knew I might not be here but mainly because of timing of tests, etc).
So, no free hours to sit and doodle and speculate… I’m thinking of “saving” the interface design ’til the end because that’s the part that has the least return on investment give my (lack of) talents inthat department. It’ll be functional … and I”ll focus on program design.
I submitted 3 proposals per the assignment; one will be assigned to us by the teacher except that my intention is to do them all (not unrealistic b/c I essentially did the first one already and the other two are built on that).
Other-student feedback was interesting because along with the three proposals I included a general summary of what structured, systematic multisensory instruction is and how/that I intended to apply that to math… and several folks thought that was the “best proposal.” 🙂
So… now to actually diving in and designing!

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