Time to what?

Posted on September 17, 2015


Thursdays are usually the quietest — most of the Math courses I help with are M, T, W, Fr classes.

I arrived in my office at 8:02; one student was already there.   Three more arrived in the next five minutes; I worked with about a dozen folks… in the first hour.   Got to my email at… 4:30 p.m.   (I’m not even tempted these days to work through lunch, which I know I used to do — but that was because there were always quieter times otherwise.)

Next week is jury duty … I’ll be designing my app stuff, since I can do that on paper… I sent emails to teachers at The New COmmunity School (where I worked 1991-96 or thereabouts).  I’ve been thinking more on my commutes about the potential for putting together a “UDL initiative” — because we’ve already got lots of pieces and if we built bridges between them we’d be awesome.   I’m thinking that if we looked at the data, we have more people who’ve registered w/ our disabilities folks who succeed in our math classes than most places, because our teachers *do* look for different ways of teaching, different ways of having students express their knowledge, etc.  Hmmm…  I’m thinking of the individuals …

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