Cuts and slashes

Posted on September 10, 2015


Students have been coming to me needing to prepare for the TEAS test. Yes, we once had a course for that but … that and many other courses have been eliminated this fall. Folks trying to enter into academics to get better employment — they’re people, not businesses, and our current governor insists that we become “business-friendly” so unless the state legislators pass assorted laws making it easier for business folks to exploit the rest of us (and no, I don’t say that lightly), then there’s no budget signed and things can’t be paid for.
Of course, the actual *logic* that people with higher level jobs instead of requiring government assistance for food and rent would cost the state less simply inspires those guys to want to cut back on the assistance.
And yes, people are noticing that no infrastructure stuff is happening.
Well, bicycles will get over lousy bridges, eh?
Rant over — I succeeded in figuring out some simple stuff with making button listeners that grab information from the button itself, thanks to StackOverflow. Since it’s just a working answer (tho’ yes, I also got help looking at the oracle info about buttons and their methods), I’m not sure *why* I have to declare another button in the listener loop (but I might by the time I ride in to school :)), but it worked and so I can have one “listener” for five buttons, making displays of pinkness changing size for different named buttons.
NExt goal: our bank account assignment, which shall include superfluosities.

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