It takes a village

Posted on September 9, 2015


So I’m helping folks with “Connect” and going  mildly bonkers because it is so amateur compared to ALEKS.   Things like conversion questions which, if you use the factors in your text, are marked wrong with no explanation.  If you click on the solution, it informs you that “We know that a quart is 0.95 liters” — when the text tells you that a liter is 1.06 quarts, and what with rounding… you’re wrong, dude.

Then there’s that problem set where in question five, you have to know there’s a typo and pretend the plus is a minus.

It takes a lot of quality control to make an educational tool that works… tho’ I suppose an alternative to me trying to convince ALEKS to integrate concept-developing activities I’m trying to develop into their much more robust programs would be to find a way to copy their framework and substitute mine in 🙂

Spent workday utterly immersed in ‘splaining why if a problem says x – 4 = 5 you have to add to find out what x is…  that whole – part is part and if you’re looking for the whole you have to put the parts together to find it, except these folks haven’t had Kathy’s class so they don’t know about wholes and parts yet.

Succeeded, yea verily, in reviewing and applying some basic Java stuff tonight.

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