Connect rant, continued.

Posted on September 9, 2015


Okay, so translating “the sum of 4 and -5” is wrong if you say 4 + -5. You have to put the negative five in parentheses.
The sum of -4 + -5 doesnt’ require parentheses around the -4 and yes, it’s *wrong* if you include them.
No, these rules are not explained anywhere.
An ounce is 28 grams, not 28.3 grams as on your textbook.
Oh, and you are supposed to know — heaven knows how — that cc and mL are teh same. It is noted *nowhere* in any material but you are asked to convert from cc to mL.
And all the details aside, the students are much more frustrated and aren’t learning as well. Students who could do conversions in 060 are now frustrated and confused; they’re being presented in an entirely different manner which tells you that you multiply or divide by the magic factor — not why, just the procedure, and a different procedure than taught in previous courses *and* in courses they will take in the future.
Oh, and (updating a second time)… they have a metric chart that runs the *wrong direction.* It looks *just like* the one in their texts — except it goes small to big (not the way the number system goes, thank you) instead of big to small.
Of course, of course, they “should” understand it well enough to adapt — but you should have an explanation of what they’re supposed to be learning — not just let the students who’ve got somebody available to explain it to them learn it. Oops, that would be something like equity. And I take that back. I’m sorry, trick questions are trick questions and they suck unless you use them really judiciously and make sure they aren’t just “ha! ha! gotcha!!!” and that’s what these are. (I trust, not intentionally, but suspect that the response to questioning them would be defending them.)
Not all of Connect is this awful and most students will recover, and I *think* the new version is better (we’ve got some sections in one, some in the other and I’ve only had the problems w/ the old — however, the other common factor of the old version is that it’s the one the part-timers as opposed to full-timers are using).
Oh, and I wanted to see how much I could get done on adding buttons and listeners

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