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HOoks and ladders :)

September 30, 2015


THat doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, but I did see a truck carrying an entire utility pole on it this morning. I also saw SVABBY2 again – but I think she’s found a different route. (THat’s the license of the VW driven by the lady who passed me on the right then […]

More khan fun

September 26, 2015


So I went back to Khan Academy to see what color they used for their layout,(and now I realize the answer to my question:   what shade of blue will be pretty but not too dark to see white text? is … right here on my blog…) I now, on this second day, can do […]

Badges and bells

September 25, 2015


I’m scoping out design ideas so I wandered over to Khan Academy, among other places… and it looks really nice. It’s encouraging… there are a million badges you can earn… I like that when you’re presented with a problem you can click and watch a movie about it right then and there, though the movie […]

Why subtracting is harder, maybe

September 25, 2015


So I made a handout about adding and subtracting integers that’s a visual nightmare so I’m not even sharing it. In the process, I’ve got a hypothesis about why every semester students seem to get adding integers reasonably well and then explode when subtraction gets dumped on them. I realized that there are four possibilities […]

It’s about the strategies and stuff.

September 25, 2015


Today I had three folks in here working on pretty much exactly the same ALEKS problems with fractions.   One of ’em has figured out that … she needs to understand the stuff to do well, and that’s going to take extra work.  She came in with the typical proclamation that the teacher had gone […]

Slow processing :)

September 24, 2015


Sitting here waiting for the emulator to load up just to make sure it what I submitted *will* run on the device it’s supposed to run on. Realized that the waiting period would be a good time to watch the videos on the same stuff, tho’ hopefully I won’t have the need to try […]

The jury’s out …

September 23, 2015


or, actually, I haven’t had to report in for jury duty today or yesterday, so I’ve gotten to go to work, where it’s not crazy busy (in part because people knew I might not be here but mainly because of timing of tests, etc). So, no free hours to sit and doodle and speculate… I’m […]