ALEKS and inside Higher Ed

Posted on August 29, 2015

0   Oops, that has nothing to do with it but it’s really cool.   One of our local bike businesses has got 50 single speed ‘minimalist’ bikes that they will rent for *** $69 **** a semester.   (Erm, yes, they’re smart enough to want a deposit, too.)   They’ll maintain the bike.   Think about it:  single speed *is* minimal maintenance.

But, back to the *other* link:  where using ALEKS for remedial math students is not working out too well.

The comments are informative:  yes, readers of Inside Higher Ed pretty much think certain lower forms of life aren’t worthy.   Heck, the whole program says that remedial math students aren’t worthy of actual instruction; they are at their little work stations plowing through the ‘adaptive’ lessons, monitored by adjuncts and the the like.

ALEKS is still All About Procedure.  explains just how low the expectations for understandning are by students (and, probably, teachers).   Yet I can tell you ’cause it’s been happening all week they *can* learn to understand this stuff.

Time to tackle my homework to make stuff to help that happen.

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