math literacy and real world

Posted on August 26, 2015


SO there ya go — the math literacy course uses online resources, including a little “learning styles” inventory. THen there are scores and stuff you do with those scores.
Complication: well, the site with the learning inventory updated it so teh scores aren’t done the same way any more.
Solution: give the students the instructions for the calculations to adapt the new scores to the old so they can still do the assignment the same way.

Huzzah 🙂 A practical solution and the kind of thing that you Really Do In THe REal World.

First two days pretty much busy busy busy b/c it’s the very beginning. Student in Math LIteracy duly noted that what usually worked was to “mimic the procedure” of the previuos problems or examples- his exact words. He is perfectly capable of the thinking — but it’s a serious cognitive shift.

I’m also trying to imagine … if I could create an environment to create the “Mary Ellen Carter Academy” of online math resources for the students who learn with their hands 🙂 I’m imagining a team of teachers analyzing the assorted combinations of things we do that work, with the manipulatives and the serious work connecting those manipulatives to the symbols they represent, and the practice, and the more practice… and which parts of that lend themselves to the whole online experience and the addictive things.

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