Are we almost there?

Posted on August 23, 2015


I mean, almost *really* at the beginning of the semester!

I just tried to send an email from Outlook to a coworker and … oh, the server is unavailable.

I was able to send an email to *myself* from my gmail account, so it seems that  the whole “cloud” thing with Office 365 is Not Reliable.   (Not Surprised. It’s Microsoft. )

My “space” is all (well, almost — don’t look in the desk drawers and there are three other pockets of covered-up entropy :)) tidied and … organized… which I’m hoping will make for More Efficient Use Of Time.  Woody Guthrie is on the wall… the handouts for adding & subtracting integers are on the table … I’d like to make a “model” flashcard set with about 12 cards with really simple examples so a person could quickly review the “why is 10 – (-1) = 11”?   and “why is -3 – (-4)   = 1” ?   and why -9 – (-9) – 0…

evening update:  oh, my!   The “prepare to be observed” hormones have definitely been activated.  The kitchen is clean and laundry done. (Can’t tell if the trigger is “you’ve told them you want them to put windows in” or residual from those comments about “my space” by the visiting deans or generic “it’s a new semester so anything could happen so wash the dishes!”)   Let’s just dream of penguins on the porch, shall we?

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