Another awesome Marilyn Burns idea

Posted on August 18, 2015


I remember getting an email of a recipe for key lime pie from a cycling buddy. It was a masterpiece, and I recognized that it would never make it in a cookbook, because space is at such a premium. She could include things like “just leave the eggs out. Your grandma used to do that all the time. They really don’t go bad that fast” – only it was worded even better 😉

It’s the same with these lesson ideas. “Four strikes and you’re out” is a good lesson — but every teeny bit as important are the descriptions of the delivery details, because you could bring this game into the classroom and have confusion and frustration and wonder what had gone wrong… or the more common situation where a chunk of the class is quietly clueless and you think everything’s peachy.

This lesson has all kinds of things built in to help students share understanding and grow… to connect student language and mathematical language…

… and on another note, I signed up for the apps class… paid for it out of pocket b/c I’m pretty sure if there weren’t 12 in it, it wouldn’t happen and I don’t want to wait a semester.

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