Office 365 widgets and features

Posted on August 16, 2015


It seems that I could start a “class notebook” from that app in Office 365 (a “OneNote” branch), and … it has all the email addresses of all the students and staff at Parkland. Hacker-hair-at-back-of-neck going up. HOwever, that *would* mean that I could create a “common ground” for a group of students interested in, say, setting goals for learning .. using our new access to …
I also wonder whether all students have access to all the other students’ emails.
Now, I am not fond of the way ONeNOte is organized so that it’s got folder names like hte folders on my computer… so that I’ve seen that I was saving to “documents” without carefully following the bread crumb trail, and no, I didn’t save to my computer. I saved to OneNote. It was a ton of stuff, too. No, dear ones, I am *not* always online. I need to be able to get the files I want if I’m on the bus or without having to log in somewhere — and I do **NOT** need one more “okay, here’s that file — which version of this was it?” place. I have enough trouble with balancing Making Backups with Keeping Track of Updates to have random wild card locations tossed into the mix.
I also dislike that it isn’t like email or uploading to GOogle Docs; it can balk. When I’m doing my 2-computers-3-monitor dance (Outlook means my school computer even with its memory doubled can’t handle having email open and, oh, three INternet windows open much less something like Camtasia) I have learned to just have a flash drive handy for moving an image from here to there. I don’t know whether it’s OUtlook or our campus wifi.
I love the idea of being able to share screenshots and stuff — but if GoogleDocs is faster…

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