ONline generic class

Posted on August 12, 2015


I have sometimes thought about getting my people who come in to improve their skills more organized. The folks who do the reading have a folder and they sign in with their hours, etc. I don’t do this. I have absolutely never, ever been able to sustain that kind of effort even when I had to. I forget it exists (no, really, I do).
However, it occurred to me today that … if it were online, I might remember it existed. I have been thinking about trying to form a collaborative group to Learn Stuff — doesn’t have to even be the same stuff, just to set and share goals and goad each other. Has this every been done? I think so (thinking of FB groups here). Prob’ly most of ’em fail, like online forums 😉
However… what if we had an “online course” with built in reminders and hellos?

What if people who wanted to, say, use our free account signed in through a “course” and connected there? WHat if you could build your path to success?

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