Android Studio, puttering…

Posted on August 12, 2015


I actually did spend a fair amount of time between traipsing on the mountains 11-498FF998-1045392-800-100
… mucking about with Android Studio. I got to page 65 of 298 or so of my copied and pasted notes from our Android Apps course.
Where I’m sort of stalled is where we review Java, because I want to make a kinesthetic imitation of the concrete “drop 3 chips in a cup for 3 x 1, 3 more in the next cup for 3 x 2” that I learned about in Making Math Real. I figured out how to make an array of circles where I’ll have green, red and blue circles interrupted by three groups of four pink circles to show 3 x 4.
I want to have another array so that when you click on one of the “ingroup” circles, you’ll see a nice 3 x 1 = 3 and three pink circles appearing in another panel… and it could create an array and/or line ’em up on the number line.
The panels aren’t cooperating… I can’t get another panel to appear.

I also need to dive back into Camtasia because *that* I can make happen in time for the students appearing a week from MOnday, I hope. Will share đŸ™‚