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Boring Notes

August 30, 2015


What was “control 0” in Eclipse to “organize imports” seems to be “alt enter” in IntelliJIdea. Happily, when it gave me the red “error, don’t know what this is!” font, it also said “alt enter” in a little callout, and when I did that the import happened. Have I mentioned that computer programming is a […]

ALEKS and inside Higher Ed

August 29, 2015

0   Oops, that has nothing to do with it but it’s really cool.   One of our local bike businesses has got 50 single speed ‘minimalist’ bikes that they will rent for *** $69 **** a semester.   (Erm, yes, they’re smart enough to want a deposit, too.)   They’ll maintain the bike.   Think […]

Too busy to blog.

August 29, 2015


Yup, I’ve had students for help pretty much from just after 8 to 5:00 this end of the week.    It’s the usual diverse bunch of individuals that would make a *great* milieu sitcom/drama (but no thank you, reality tv, let’s just not).   Yes, a fair number of professional self-deprecators with classic fixed mindset […]

ALEKS evolving :)

August 28, 2015


The first couple of semesters with ALEKS, I noticed that even though students didn’t *like* it, they did it… and Pavlov and SKinner were grinning in their graves because yes, they would get pretty much fixated on Getting Their Pieces Of Pie. Last year … it just wasn’t as true. ALEKS has made some revisions. […]

math literacy and real world

August 26, 2015


SO there ya go — the math literacy course uses online resources, including a little “learning styles” inventory. THen there are scores and stuff you do with those scores. Complication: well, the site with the learning inventory updated it so teh scores aren’t done the same way any more. Solution: give the students the instructions […]

Are we almost there?

August 23, 2015


I mean, almost *really* at the beginning of the semester! I just tried to send an email from Outlook to a coworker and … oh, the server is unavailable. I was able to send an email to *myself* from my gmail account, so it seems that  the whole “cloud” thing with Office 365 is Not […]

Gee, why should I work :)

August 22, 2015


Online class genius ‏@wedoyourclass 9h9 hours ago @geonz Which online class did you begin ? You can visit our expert anytime at http://www.wedoyouronlineclass . com or call anytime @ 415-800-4403.  Yup, that’s the tweet I got when I posted that I’d started an online course.   Note the spaces so that the thing doesn’t turn […]

Another awesome Marilyn Burns idea

August 18, 2015

0 I remember getting an email of a recipe for key lime pie from a cycling buddy. It was a masterpiece, and I recognized that it would never make it in a cookbook, because space is at such a premium. She could include things like “just leave the eggs out. Your grandma used to do […]

Office 365 widgets and features

August 16, 2015


It seems that I could start a “class notebook” from that app in Office 365 (a “OneNote” branch), and … it has all the email addresses of all the students and staff at Parkland. Hacker-hair-at-back-of-neck going up. HOwever, that *would* mean that I could create a “common ground” for a group of students interested in, […]

New Semester is Looooming :)

August 15, 2015


I can’t remember how I found these rules sometime last year — they’re at RULE ONE: Find a place you trust, and then try trusting it for awhile. RULE TWO: General duties of a student — pull everything out of your teacher; pull everything out of your fellow students. RULE THREE: General duties of […]