Gems of the Day

Posted on July 30, 2015


It’s not even 10:00 though yes, it’s time to push the Interwebs aside and get to learning the app stuff and doin’ more math practice stuff.   – Yes, if you use Chrome browser, you can edit Google Docs offline.   I don’t know if it just downloads every blooming thing I had on Google Docs — a bad idea! — or whether it’s easy for me to say “just stuff from this week, please!” or pick and choose.

My math tweeps talked about something I hadn’t heard of — a “menu” model for picking problems to do, with appetizers and main courses and desserts.   A google found me this example: is another.   And… Pinterest has a *slew* of things.

But later!

(Still, must whine:   Yes, we’ve moved to OUtlook.  A week ago I got the memory upped in my computer from 2G to 4G and happy times!  It ran like a computer — not like … a microwave (push the buttons and come back in a minute or three)… but Monday we all switched to Office 365 and Outlook email and … it’s bloated. It’s Microsoft.  Still, all I haev to do is turn it off and things work again…)

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