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Posted on July 29, 2015


TL;DR  — this post is here because the “contact” to LINCS doesn’t let me include a screenshot of my tech issues.

So LINCS is a pretty awesome group of adult educators, sharing the stuff you share online w/ people in your field… it has great folks leading different discussion groups and it’s how I got into that whole OER thing and several other career-changing opportunities.

The website, though? Well, it’s got some cool stuff.   However, there are so many arbitrary and unpredictable barriers to actually participating in discussions that I wonder if the community will be sustainable.

One of ’em is that if I “contact” them, including a screenshot isn’t an option.   F’rinstance:


If I click on an email to “click here to comment,” and I”m not logged in, there’s about a 10 step process to getting logged in, including having to know which “click here to log in” links to ignore and where to actually click (that doesn’t say “click here to log in” — just the *right* link to the discussion post).

Tech folks tell me I should just log in first.   (Silly, silly me for thinking they should remove links that lie.)

So… I do.

Now, “Click here to comment” gets me this screen.

Correct me if I’m wrong but … there … is… no… place… to… comment… or… reply.

No, there is no **clue** how to navigate to a page where that would be an option. I’m trying to remember from before how I got to a page where I could click on the right label to get in.

However, I also have things to do this morning — and I don’t know how long it will take to figure it out — so I’m not going to comment on that thread.  (Yes, I’m thinking that my contributions aren’t that pithy anyway but…)

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