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Posted on July 28, 2015


I got into doing the “mirror” homework assignments (if you get a bad grade or 0 on homework, there are ways to get credit for it, and this would be one:   you come down and go over the work with me, with a similar assignment).   I’m on number two — there are *lots* of ‘real world’ problems in this course so I figured I would have an ongoing story that you could construct from inferences from the word problems as they go along.

The setting is an “alternative school” where 12 students (“last year Mizea’s class had 9 students; this year there are 3 more…”)   have a substitute teacher parked in the front of the room while they take online courses in something like “credit recovery” style.   You *can* just … answer the question.   You could also ask “what can I infer from there only being 12 people in the class?”   I’m not Ms. Rowling — I don’t have 7 books already plotted out 🙂   However, I know that when I started writing Flash the Fish in a phonics program, that as we got to be allowed more and more vowel and syllable types, my characters developed and things flowed naturally. We’ll see 😉

Well, I had to do a little research to see what that was like & landed in a course demo w/ good explanation of syllabus, requirements (History class has N units with 5 or 6 sections; each section has quiz, written asisgnment & 3 discussion posts; each unit has an exam and there’s a final.)

I’m mildly curious but will resist researching the  assorted ‘security’ and ‘accountability’ for students to determine that they’re doing their own work — but the most fun was plugging in a different number in the address bar and getting to assorted other subject videos and learning coach training videos that I’m *reasonably* sure I wasn’t intended to find w/o a direct link…

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