Posted on July 27, 2015


So!  No, I haven’t mastered ignoring The Internet yet but I got to where I could “import samples.”   In the old class notes we imported a simple game so we could see a “working app.”   The “import samples” in Android Studio all seem to be pretty sophisticated examples of the more sophisticated things that it can do… and even though I imported the simplest one I could find… welp, 5:00 happened and I don’t know where it is.

More adventures tomorrow!   Oh… Outlook is being tolerable but just like my frustrations with and links that say “click here to log in” that don’t, and having people painstakingly explain where I can go to log in… yea, you basically have to assume half of the things that should work don’t, and take notes until they’re in your motor memory.   So if you want to share permissions to write on your calendar, that has to be done via the web Outlook, not the Office 365 on your computer Outlook.

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