Just drill and procedure, folks.

Posted on July 26, 2015


In my twitter feed from @nctm  — that would be the  National Council on Teaching Mathematics: Study confirms that math learning techniques are helpful to students.

Okay, now I”m confused.   Why on earth would a “professional” organization of any kind post this kind of filtered, biased article? (It’s a “they just need drill!” rant.)    (And where did it so much as mention common core??  Maybe it was the wrong link???)

(update:  the tweet disappeared.  Methinks either a troll, a hack, or just a bad copy/paste of the wrong link.  I’ve removed my link ’cause it’s a silly article. )

(Coincidentally, couple days back somebody posted that since NCTM was the voice of the profession, we all needed to join if we wanted a voice… I snarked. (Lesson learned: snark contaminates. Don’t do it.)

I am a member of the INternational Dyslexia Association, though, because their literature has useful information to me: practical stuff I can use about people with language learning challenges…as well as academic stuff.   I have sometimes considered NCTM but I sense a ton of academia and “you have to join this to connect with The Right People to MOve Up In Academia,” and since I”m not trying to do that… it just wouldn’t make sense to plop that much money down.

So, since *that* was my mental framework – the tweet resonated on that sounding board and … I snarked that they were going to have to do better than telling me I needed to join because NCTM was “the voice” of the profession, thinking… you gotta give me a clue as to what the voice says and who it’s talking to.  Pretty sure I just conveyed “I don’t want to join and think I”m too good for it.”  Again… lesson learned.

I haven’t learned to listen to the “no, don’t post anything — get some work done!”  voice but really, really I will…

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