Prayorities ;)

Posted on July 24, 2015


Reflected on (a.k.a. thought about but reflecting sounds so much deeper… except how could that be, when reflections bounce right off the top?) What Would Do The Most Good … and I think that would be a:  get the integer stuff do-able and link-able for when that starts … b:  *get chapter one* of the actual course mirrored, and/but c: the “leveled / gamified” visual-kinesthetic practice — the turning of arithmetic into bejeweled blitz — is probably the Biggest Thing.   The “dragon Box” algebra game (or whatever its name is)  is immensely popular and there should be that kind of thing for the easier stuff.

And… if the world kinda grokked how to do the Dragon thing — what about it made it work — then we could build that stuff for lots of stuff and do the “dopamine trigger” thing… get people thinking this is an even better drug than Khan Academy 🙂

(and … for my own dopamines I think I need to take the apps course again. In the current vernacular, “because geekasm.” Or in proper English, I crave the intellectual and social stimulation of Taking A Class and maybe it’s fun, not threatening, to have me as a student?  It *is* in fact doing the switch to Android Studio.)

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