Maps with different routes & destinations

Posted on July 24, 2015


Wishing, right now, that I were better at visual imagery.

Different people need different things.   I’m putting together math lessons that parallel our “TRN 050” course — pre-pre-algebra for students who didn’t do well enough on the COMPASS test to place into Pre-algebra.   This means that they didn’t do well on the “pre-algebra and number sense” that COMPASS provides (which, actually, has some pretty sophisticated stuff like radicals and weird fractions and, if I remember right, basic algebra) … and then you didn’t get the basic  arithmetic questions our math folks added to it.  Since we started doing this four semesters ago, pretty much everybody who “placed” in the course belonged in the course.

Still, not everybody needs everything — or everything done in the same way.   So I was thinking that my POOC (Personalized Open Online Course)  could have a choice of routes through materials depending on the individual need.  Each little lesson would have a designation (it’s station 3 in chapter 4 for the 050 map; it’s station 2 in chapter 3 for the “I just need to be able to handle numbers and understand the stuff in my life! I”m not takin’ no stinkin’ math class!”  map… and another “map” for … oh, I don’t know yet.   (Then there’s the Stuff that Goes With ALEKS but those lessons are more like little islands anyway so it would just be a label.)

So depending on which route you were on, the lesson would run a little differently; I know I already want a ‘verbal gerbil’ version and a ‘straight to the pictures, please!’ (which yesterday’s student’s immediate “skip the words, get to the numbers on the explanation page” eyegaze reminded me the importance of).

My inner procrastinator says “somebody’s thought of this, do some research!”  but … it’s time to draw a map, especially since the whole “this is where you are and this is where you’re going” at the start of each session is kinda important, too.    It could be a less linear visual like the ALEKS pie … tho’ I’d prob’ly want to do a linear version and then force my little linear brain to move things into 2D or 3D.

Snork… and oh, yes… I need to brush back to that book about making things addictive so I get the “onboarding” part going…

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