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Posted on July 22, 2015



Yea, it’s huff post but prob’ly the wall street journal link is behind a pay barrier… but it seems knowing Excel & Word are a an official big deal in the hiring process.   So now I can tell the folks in Math Literacy that yes, that’s a part of the course that they are *very* likely to Use In Real LIfe.

And then this!


It includes, essentially, permission to use it and if you change it, say so this way: “…”

And, finally… “Faculty Focus” continues to impress me.   http://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/educational-assessment/what-fitness-bands-can-teach-us-about-classroom-assessment/   — talks about formative assessments being like a fitness band… essentially nudging us into realizing that no, practice and quizzes and things really *aren’t* inherently evil (DRILL AND KILL)…

tl/dr:   Yay! I can log in sensibly at LINCS.ORG!

Long version:

Little happinesses — I *think* the folks at http://www.lincs.org have changed the login routine.  Yesterday I ranted again about clicking “read more” from email, getting right into the message to reply to, but with a link that says “you need to log in” — but said link got to a different page and when you clicked *there* you were told “no, you ca’t do anything! You’re not logged in!  Click **here** to log in** … and I’d log in and then get kicked out to the home page and would have to a:  know where in the sea of discussions my link was, or b: click “back back back” to get to it and then reload the page.

This was the third tirade in quick succession (I’d promised to start every comment with a reminder) .. so I was gently encouraged to talk to ‘tech support’ if I was ‘having trouble logging in,’ and I got an email from them explaining why you had to log in to post.

I replied that I understood …  but that a link that said “click to log in” that wasn’t one was, in my humble opinion, bad design, not security and that kicking me back to the home page after all that was also design, not security.   I thanked the person for responding but figured they weren’t the ones who set that stuff up.

This morning, I clicked on “read more” and got right to the home page.   I could just **log in** from there.   Then, I went back to teh email (two monitors, it’s right there) and clicked “read more” and voila! I could actually respond to the comment, right then and there.

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