It’s a cool cat day :)

Posted on July 21, 2015


Today I actually have *three* things that I’d put on a calendar if I ever remembered where a calendar was.

Noon (Central Time), I’ll be part of “Every Class Matters,” even though technically I don’t teach a “class.”   I *am* about every class — even the pre-college no-credit-towards-graduation courses — counting, and if they count, then students deserve the support they need to learn the stuff they need to learn to keep moving forward.

Which reminds me of the post on the “Cool Cat Teacher” website  — just an honest look at bullying and that it’s complicated but we need to take it on.

Even if I had forgotten it, noticing that by 7:00 (Central) this morning my blog had 22 views and only 3 viewers would have reminded me that there was a reason for somebody to take a peek at it.

Then I’ll get to go out for lunch w/ our … oh, I don’t even know what her current title is, and since they’ve shuffled roles I’d probably get it wrong anyway.  She’s part of our “Learning SUpport Division” (yup, LSD) and we both signed up for “let’s pick random names in the department and go have lunch and get to know each other better.”

THen tonight (lest I forget) the Bicycling & Pedestrian Advisory Commission.  I know, they barely even overlap (I did have to bump lunch for the “Every Class Matters” thing) and this would be a *slow* day for K-12 teachers or teaching assistants or principals or *any* of those people who manage to wear a mess of hats, all the time.

I shall *still* persevere and try to get all the powerpoints for “chapter one” of our Transition Math done by the end of the week, and by next week, all the “mirror” homework assignments so that if students miss one, they can a: watch a short video and then b: do an assignment equivalent to the homework.   It’s part of being “fault resistant.”  YOu miss class?  No “Get out of work free” card, but you *can* make it up and learn it (and it’s online so you can watch it all you want :))

… and the last hours *shall* be spent on my app, keeping track of what I”m doing…

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