“course beginning”

Posted on July 19, 2015


So… this day I”m going to try to go through my “android app” course as if I were starting over… and re-make my app but with Android Studio (because while it sort of successfully “imported” I am pretty darned confident something will blow up b/c of the transition, and b:  it would be really good to walk through the process again and c: my wild dream is to have something reusable … before Android Studio is utterly rewritten as some other entity and I’d have to start over and d:  it’s a geekasm thing).

Happily, tho’ my 23″ monitor spontaneously stopped talking to the Dell, it is now talking to the ASUS.   Yay!

I tweeted OER stuff to people who were sure downloading from YouTube was illegal and that a YouTube Creative Commons license wasn’t a “standard” one… the discussion was about “fair use.”  Yes, it’s tough to leave the “hey, I found something cool — how can I ‘fair use’ it? ”  and go to  “find something really open… or make it yourself…”   but with the likes of oercommons.org and the search filters (but … always verify ;)) … ) and goorulearning… it’s worth getting on that learning curve.   If *you* want to share what you find and use, then  it makes sense to make it so you can do so legally (as opposed saying “it’s illegal to download — but here are some links” … that happen to do just that…).

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