Office 365’s “better assistance”

Posted on July 18, 2015


So after several tweets offering to help me with my problems, Office 365 asks if I’m business or personal.   Soon as I say I’m getting it from work, gee, I should ask my IT team there for help.  **Why Tweet me at all??**  (I’m pretty sure that by actually reading the tweets you’d know it was a work thing.)   Or… your first tweet should have been “work or your own?”  rather than whatever their little script tells them to type to sound helpful.

Not only that, ever since they’ve been tweeting me, my posts to them get “Favorited” and I get “followed” by bikini-clad creatures who promise to follow back 100% of those who will follow them. (My twitter name &pic are gender-generic, btw.) I blocked the “people” and let Office know why I was blocking them, too.

Friday off — pretty stifling hot.   THe Ag folks said temps stayed below the 90’s b/c of all the moisture evaporating from the soil from our record-breakingly wet June (double average; lots of standing water in fields)… but you can imagine and I could feel what that did to the relative humidity. Still got in a ride and then went out to concert outside. Lots of townies 🙂  Lots of mosquitoes.  Did I mention standing water?

Looked at some stuff but didn’t really do anything… contemplated design stuff … realized you coudl design a “bejeweled blitz” kind of game where you could type in the coordinates too since I want things accessible enough so you don’t need to mouse to play.

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