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Posted on July 17, 2015


So… Office 365 simply will not function on this machine.

It works fine on the *brand new* ASUS so I’m okay — but honestly, Windows 7 should be able to handle … oops, this is MICROSOFT.

Compatibility?  You must be kidding!  Bill Gates and Sal Khan both are fervent believers in “Production before perfection” (and “marketing before actually having a product worth marketing”).

I noticed that when I tweeted about Camtasia, that @Camtasia noticed. Now, that program doesn’t crash and burn so I can’t say that they provided good tech support … because the product is good enough so I don’t need it.

Office 365?  Snork! Office 365 “support” scripts me that they’ll be glad to help!   Except when I explain that I keep installing and Office 365 keeps crashing anyway, they want me to go to the Office 365 Answer Desk and pay for support.

Okay, on attempt five I’ve been given a phone number to call. You know hwat?  This crap takes time to upload, download, what have you.   Hey, I can go put laundry in, swab out the kitchen… not if I’m on the phone with some poor minimum wage “customer support” person and their script!

I’m given a link to how to do a “clean reboot” and I do my darndest to follow it… ‘cept it says “when prompted, click restart.” well, I wasn’t prompted.   I tried “OK” as well as “Apply.”   And yes I “restarted” also but I bet that that meant it wasn’t “clean.”   Welp, Microsoft isn’t “clean.”

I’m just gonna be an Open Source Girl.   (Guess I need to blog on my page, not WordPress, then… hmmm…)

Not one whit of surprise that it has “stopped working” mid-install.   Okay, granted, this may not be a “clean reboot,” since … I didn’t go to bed and didn’t wake up until the next morning to see if there was a prompt.

and yes after install … it … doesn’t work.

YOu’ve followed your little script nand advised me to call the number.  YOu can ‘rest assured’ that had I done so I would have been a Satisfied Customer.  Six strikes and .. You’re OUT.

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