Simulations and Metacognition

Posted on July 16, 2015


Got this tweet: New partner, metacog, is linking up our new interoperable sims with analytics services.

It would seem that they’re thinking that it’s possible to discern misconceptions based on how people interact with a learning situation.   Welp, yea, I know I do it all the time (not that it’s that easy or that I’m all *that* good at it).   -3 + -7 = +10 and what have you.

Okay, I can’t get too excited about it — every robotic, procedural set of exercises in the world *talks* about how students are “learning concepts” when the “teaching” of those concepts involves demonstrating an algorithm with scarce mention of concepts.   It could be putting bean sprouts on chocolate covered  french fries and calling it “health food.”

Still, it rocks 🙂   Guess I’d better turn this part of the computer OFF and get to my little videos…

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