Will I get accustomed to popups?

Posted on July 14, 2015


… I don’t think I am going to ever like going to a site and having a pop up scream into my face.   I’m guessing they’re not really “popups” any more since pop up blockers don’t work on ’em. They look *nicer* than old popups — but it’s still like somebody taking a big sign and shoving it between you and a person you’re having a conversation with.

Style-wise I suspect there are much nicer ways to intrude on a user.  If I want your attention, I”m going to find some other way… when I get popped at,  I tend to simply decide that your site is a distraction after all and just click out.

Still, I have to wonder if the Rest of the World will be expecting them and won’t respond to something less invasive.  I hope not…

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