Microsoft hasn’t changed…

Posted on July 14, 2015


When I’ve posted things on Twitter about my adventures with Camtasia, I’ve gotten responses from Camtasia. Their site has lots of little tutorial videos that are extremely helpful (and inform me that really short videos are a good idea — I’m so much more willing to click for 3 minutes than 9).

When I tweeted about my third failed attempt to install Office 365 on my computer with Windows 7, I got a reply tweet from “Office Support.”  Oh, my, I thought — has Microsoft even seen the push towards responding to customers?

Erm, no.

Yes, they *asked* about “specific error messages.”  No, reading comprehension wasn’t that good — I posted that the install had failed again, but that the “uninstall” seemed to have worked so that at least my Office 2007 now loaded promptly when called.   Two years ago, when the “work perk” of getting Office at home was getting it for $9.95, I’d paid the money and followed the directions for installing… but instead of getting 2013 for real, whenever I tried to open a Word document my computer would spend roughly 3 minutes “configuring” itself before opening… 2007.   So — that’s better!

However, remember Camtasia?  Built on Powerpoint slides?

Well, while Word 2007 seems okay with .docx files, when I try to open a .pptx file “Windows doesn’t recognize that file type.”

Reading comprehension?  When I mentioned that 2007 opened promptly (but wouldn’t open .pptx files), I got “Great that you got things working!”  and something about asking whehter the “Answer Desk” was helpful.  Huh?  Answer Desk?

When I replied that wasn’t the case, I was told that well, the Answer Desk was probably my best option.  (No link or anything — I’m supposed to know.)

I google and … oh.   I can pay Microsoft extra for a “support plan!”

I can pay them *extra* for what my school has already paid them, for … *Microsoft* tech support?  The company that can’t make the software that works, to begin with?

I don’t think so.

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