New book!

Posted on July 10, 2015


Ordered _How Children Learn Number Concepts_ and it’s here in two days (sigh, I know Amazon is like WalMart of the Internet but the FedEx trucks do run on time).

It starts with counting so I thought I’d peek in the index just to see if subitizing were mentioned.

No index.   Welp… Guess I”m going to have to treat this like a book and read it 😉

Also got _Visual Language: Principles for Creating Graphics that People Understand_ and … sensory overload.   Funny thing — it’s full of graphics and pictures  😉

***and*** … I seem to have successfully imported my old app into Android Studio.   Watching the videos — including the link to all kinds of little samples of code that do stuff you might want to do.   I’m thinking that there are all kinds of cool ways to structure a course in building a specific kind of app, say… a kind of game.  …

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