Wrinkles of Irony

Posted on July 7, 2015


So… I really wanted to “watch live” for a webcast that’s all about how … proprietary platforms are preventing “user agency.” (https://cyber.law.harvard.edu/events/luncheon/2015/07/Reich )

Except I didn’t read ahead.  Otehr stuff has been in user-friendly formats. This? It’s in QuickTime and, guess what??   Chrome won’t let it run; Firefox won’t let it run… and students are here asking me questions.

I find it ironic that the talk about how proprietary platforms are hurting things is done in a proprietary platform that I can’t get to.  I’m spoiled by webinars funded by proprietary platform people who are competing, so they actually take steps so people can get there. Oh, but in the  “unlikely event” of a video disruption here’s a link to a “live audio” feed that doesnt’ work, either, and I could watch it in my “Player of choice,” when … well, no, I can’t.

The page could have said “You need to be on INternet Explorer” instead of “won’t run in Chrome.” Still, no, I didn’t leave enough time to download a bunch of plug-ins on my already choking-full computer that I never otherwise use.

Of course, what that means is that I can get back to looking at Canvas’ LMS (oh, and proprietary learning management systems are another part of that “limiter of user agency” that will be talked about, except that I can share with the world from there).  Tweet is inviting me to “Canvas Commons.”

THe talk is supposed to highlight “exciting innovations”  people are doing anyway so that they can  “reclaim” the web.

Welp… I just have to suggest that perhaps they *do* want to reclaim it from the common people who are on the social media and using those proprietary platforms, and give it “back” to the elite whom *they* want to be the owners and users of the web.

Aw, I am sure those grapes were sour, anyway.  Time for a bike ride, then back to those Proprietary Platforms that will let me produce and share resources with people who want to claim their education!

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