The clickaround mindset

Posted on July 1, 2015


Online course.   Student sees assignment in “week one” — catching up here —  that’s to take a quiz on the research paper instructions. Asks for help … I see “Research paper instructions” document in content and suggest to print it out.

“But I’ve already done that! It’s checked off!”

next assignment is to:  choose a first and second choice for research project, which (this assignment states) are at the end of the research paper instructions.

Student looks all over that page.   “Should I click here? But it says assessment!”  (because they are).

I suggest that we go find the research paper instructions– that they were in an earlier week’s content… and coach through clicking on the second week and … scrolling down to read what was there… and then the first… and, “Oh, I just read that!”

If I knew a way to dissolve whatever beast is between this student and engaging …. I would.   Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to tap my “late night radio” voice on command and it’s even less accessible when I’m short on patience …

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