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Gems of the Day

July 30, 2015


It’s not even 10:00 though yes, it’s time to push the Interwebs aside and get to learning the app stuff and doin’ more math practice stuff.   – Yes, if you use Chrome browser, you can edit Google Docs offline.   I don’t know if it just downloads every blooming thing I had on […]

Website gripe

July 29, 2015


TL;DR  — this post is here because the “contact” to LINCS doesn’t let me include a screenshot of my tech issues. So LINCS is a pretty awesome group of adult educators, sharing the stuff you share online w/ people in your field… it has great folks leading different discussion groups and it’s how I got into […]

More Distractions …

July 28, 2015


I got into doing the “mirror” homework assignments (if you get a bad grade or 0 on homework, there are ways to get credit for it, and this would be one:   you come down and go over the work with me, with a similar assignment).   I’m on number two — there are *lots* […]


July 27, 2015


So!  No, I haven’t mastered ignoring The Internet yet but I got to where I could “import samples.”   In the old class notes we imported a simple game so we could see a “working app.”   The “import samples” in Android Studio all seem to be pretty sophisticated examples of the more sophisticated things […]

Just drill and procedure, folks.

July 26, 2015


In my twitter feed from @nctm  — that would be the  National Council on Teaching Mathematics: Study confirms that #CommonCore math learning techniques are helpful to students. Okay, now I”m confused.   Why on earth would a “professional” organization of any kind post this kind of filtered, biased article? (It’s a “they just need drill!” […]

Prayorities ;)

July 24, 2015


Reflected on (a.k.a. thought about but reflecting sounds so much deeper… except how could that be, when reflections bounce right off the top?) What Would Do The Most Good … and I think that would be a:  get the integer stuff do-able and link-able for when that starts … b:  *get chapter one* of the […]

Maps with different routes & destinations

July 24, 2015


Wishing, right now, that I were better at visual imagery. Different people need different things.   I’m putting together math lessons that parallel our “TRN 050” course — pre-pre-algebra for students who didn’t do well enough on the COMPASS test to place into Pre-algebra.   This means that they didn’t do well on the “pre-algebra […]