That “turn off the internet thing”

Posted on June 29, 2015


Seems every time I try, then I have a question to ask Dr. Google or Dr. StackOverflow…

And it meant I got to eavesdrop on an ISTE session that used Google Hangouts, Twitter and a … the sesssion was basically posting “How can we use digital stuff?”  and getting lots of <120 character responses.   THere were more Trendy Educational PHrases in a few minutes…(“Who’s the smartestperson in the room?”  “The room!”  — erm, yes, reciting back the right answer at a conference all about how bad it is to teach students to recite back the right answer).   That said,  it was a good showcase for the potential for the hangouts (nothing crashed, and it was cute when he waved the Chromebook around the room at the conference and everybody waved. (Too blurry for me to make any statements about the demographics, though.)   Over 100 people at the session.   There’s a twitter hashtag for those not there: #notatiste — if the sessions are all at this level, I think I’ll stick to Faculty Summer Institute kinds of things … but I know some of the other sessions were more sophisticated.

I wonder:   are we stuck in an acceleration mode where 85% of practitioners will be attending these “just an intro to the stuff — don’t have time to really get into it” sessions … and then *never* getting to in-depth use because there’s a New Shiny Thing already?

The speaker is from Kingman, IN — where most of the past 10 or so Labor Days I’ve ridden my bicycle through and had ice cream.

No, I didn’t even get the Perimeter Powerpoint done.   Welp, I’ll get in my Minimum Daily Miles (32 to go to get to 1000 for the month; today’s ‘goal’ is at least 11 more than the 11 I got already.  Erm, yes, I spend an inordinate time playing with the numbers, but happy that right now I just have to get the “average required miles” tomorrow to get there.)   Then… there’s an “open trad sing” at the mall… but I just might accomplish *something* of the evening 🙂

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