Compare and contrast

Posted on June 25, 2015


So Student A comes down in a minor frenzy.  “It’s CRUNCH TIME!”   Her teacher had given them an assignment that was due at noon, and it was 10:15.   She was in a panic; she wasn’t good at this; she remembered this article because she was having to take this class again; she’d [insert litany of fears and negative assertions]… she…

Must say it’s not as if I gave her sympathy.   I gave her the “welp, you have an hour and a half; let’s see if you can get the first two paragraphs done in fifteen minutes.”  She… got started reading the short article… and with very little help got the assigned summary done and submitted at 11:33.   She was really happy because she’d arranged to take a friend to the doctor after class, and since she’d finished early she could pick up her friend early.

Sometimes a little chunking works…

So it would seem that, in fact, the teacher hadn’t given them an assignment at the end of class that was due in an hour; it would seem it was an “in class” assignment but it was okay to do it somewhere else, and coming here worked.   (I have a feeling that sitting in the classroom and not being able to voice those fears wouldn’t have.)

Then in comes somebody B.  Somebody from the community, w/ bachelor’s degree at least, by the way.  Hint:   If you want help doing something, then at least *look at the screen *  before you say “what should I do next?”   And “walking you through” includes *your* hands on the keyboard.  Just sayin’ 😛   Reminding self that … Student A had been pretty much in that same place in September…. they can start there and get to “a little chunking works” if we provide appropriate challenges and then hold them to achieving them.

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