Sometimes stuff works :-)

Posted on June 11, 2015


Failed at “turn off the INternet and make stuff” this a.m. and went out and rode the bike fiercely at lunch (having had *coffee,* not tea) and tried to condense the looong drive “psych yourself into really making this count” talk that worked for the presentation into half an hour.

I returned and successfully, quickly figured out how to use Camtasia to make an animated GIF — and even how to whack down the colors and frames so it’s not huge.  The most frustrating part was the challenge in making a movie with the laptop and then trying to figure out where that file was saved to on the computer. Another “you just have to click everywhere until something makes sense” situation; the only options provided for the movie from the computer were to delete it, trim it, and “open with” … so I had to open it … no, not with “video” because that’s what it was in already… gave me the same options…Windows media player, which somewhere gave me an option to “go to the library” (no, not on top or anything — as I said, “click everywhere!”) to find it was on “pictures” in the “camera roll.”

NO, it’s not really worth sharing but 😉 Untitled2  The actual movie includes the sound clip of me saying ‘perimeter is what I know, round and round and round we go!’  … and if I could figure out a way to compress *that* into something tiny, I would do that.

For the ‘real thing’ I’ll bring in the finger puppet that’s on my desk… and I’ll add a ‘callout’ to put the words in there 🙂

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