On bailing from MOOC

Posted on June 1, 2015


Here’s the rub:   I don’t know if this is a case where struggle would be productive or not.

I reckon this is why more teachers and people with degrees finish MOOCs.   If I trusted that well, actually, if I muck around long enough the stuff will be there, I would do it.

I don’t.

I haven’t paid them a thing, and … I cannot figure out how the files are organized.  I can only hope that had I paid for the thing, I’d get to interact with somebody.   I don’t already know how to make apps.  Well, I do, but not from scratch.   And since this is supposed to be a course to teach it to me, I wouldn’t have thought I had to know that when the course began.  I do remember Java; this might be my little learning style thing,  but no, I can’t figure out how they’ve got the whole program *organized* and where the files are that interact with each other.

Dudes, I just don’t have the time to wander through every folder to try to figure out where the files are … that’s before i ever get started “learning” anything.

And that’s the deciding point.   The “learning” of … how *you* organized the files for your MOOC… is not a particularly transferable or memorable thing to know or understand.

The huge and magnificent advantage of doing this kind of course is that I would know how to use the smaller building blocks and put things together in different ways.   Alas, the “make your app that will do this!” courses aren’t apps that do what I want them to do.

But hey, if I bail on this I can head over to PhET and peruse HTML5/CSS/Javascript …  where purportedly if I ask specific questions, *humans* will answer.

Jumping ship!   (Okay, my real question:   what does “bailing” mean?   is it like “posting bail so you can leave the jail”? Because I want to *stop* this scooping of water and pouring it out and not making progress metaphor…)

… and I have unenrolled on the grounds that now I *can’t* waste more time there.

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