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Really really really almost there!

May 23, 2015


The links in powerpoint Powerpoint I need to figure out the best “handout” to have; it could be a one pager with The MOst IMportant STuff and a link to the details, online.  It could be a shortened version of the powerpoint (with lots of the photographs removed) along with the links list, which is […]

OER and OER again

May 17, 2015


Wishing Icould have hopped into the webinar about communitycolleges and OER — they’ve fixed the date (“Wednesday May 14” — so when I went there on the 14th, it was already over…having happened on Wednesday the 13th… ) I have watched the videos created by my nephew for assignments in 9th grade. It’s nice to […]

coursera coolness

May 13, 2015


I might just hang in there for this one — the University of Maryland App Development Course via Coursera.   Week one has me going into GitHub and … I’m hoping he tells me how (specific to the assignment that I just peeked at before I watched the movie) in the movie I haven’t watched. […]

just because I’m distractable doesn’t mean I

May 12, 2015


Coursera emailed a recommended course in making apps. You can’t find out stuff like “okay, what is the course really about” without signing up so I did. It says I’ll need to know Java .(encouraging — I don’t want the ‘easy app maker, plug your pieces in!’ thing) .. and Coursera will give me free […]

gardening, diving and math

May 10, 2015


So, I have dug holes and planted a dozen tomato plants. Usually I plant four or so but they were giving htem away yesterday — the unsold orphans of the plant sale at Common Ground Food Coop. I don’t know how to garden.  My neighbors nearby do.  I wondered whether my attempts caused them pain […]


May 10, 2015


So I jumped into a twitter conversation with a devil’s advocate about perhaps lecturing wasn’t always useless and realized that the response informing me on no uncertain terms what was useless adn what was priceless… felt an awful lot like being lectured at — and for all I know, my leaping in may have felt […]

OERand OER again

May 9, 2015


Since my post labeled OER OER OER got visited today, I looked to see what it was.   Posted from D.C. and the face to face gathering of the OER course — and my reflection that I still had a few weeks to figure out what to present about.   I had no clue that […]

Vibes of mixed flavors :)

May 8, 2015


No, I can’t hear every word the students are saying, but when it includes phrases like “I would but…”   and “He’ll know…”  and certain looks… yea, it’s reality check time for people who DOn’t Do Those Big Projects. I remember being one of those people — and honestly, if it hadn’t been for Miss […]

PUnctuated Equilibrium

May 6, 2015


Trying without much success to convince myself that no, I can’t learn everything about OER — that it’s like learning everything about the INternet. It’s like the evolution of lungs — another explosion of lots and lots of new species. A “tentative” schedule for the conference is up and there I am… Wednesday 3-4 and […]


May 4, 2015


So!   I’m exploring openness, expecting a late night prepping for the rough draft presentation tomorrow… and I found a nifty set of movies from a math teacher and his class at 🙂   It’s videos of him at the whiteboard being a reasonably funny teacher and the class in the background going along. […]