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Posted on May 31, 2015


So on this “down day” after the conference, getting ready for … the “moonlight ride for ice cream” in 50 degree weather tonight… and, okay, postponing the climb  back into figuring out how to make apps… I wandered back to the Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center and their training in math.

Landmark College and Chris Woodin have posted lots of videos about how they teach math to students with learning difficulties and I’ve been able to purchase their materials by … sending them some money.   It’s not even a ton of money:

Folks at ASDEC are more like the Making Math REal camp — you must be initiated before being allowed to see the materials. Training runs $750+   (w/ discount if  6 or more teachers from one school sign up).  There’s a distance option and there’s — the blog for the folks in the course and it is stated that they are the only ones allowed to post there.   I’m sure it’s moderated.

Guess what?   There aren’t many comments there.

I do, fully, understand some of the motivation for Wanting People To Get The Training.   It is, well, fundamentally counter to our culture to actually hold to the strict structures of multisensory teaching.   explains how reluctant I was not to take shortcuts… but that actually seeing the “boring” teachers succeed, year after year, convinced me.   (You’ll notice I’m not doing that teaching any more.  It convinced me that they were doing it right; it didn’t make it something I could get good at.)

However, I’m not sure the whole cloistering thing is a good idea, either.   What if I wanted to ask a question about the course, because I might want to sign up?

Let’s get out in the open 🙂

(Okay, time to look at that app stuff…)

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