etexts with LD accommodations

Posted on May 29, 2015


So at the end of the day I talked to a poster session guy b/c my friend was helping with that poster session, not because I know anything about etexts or need to.

Except when he found out I have an LD background he stopped me and said “we want to figure otu ways to make texts accessible to people with learning disabilities.”

I’m thinking “heck if I know! Stuff you have for the blind to turn text into speech…”   but then I get on the bicycle to ride home.

I’m already thinking “organize the ideas”   “include study helps and ways for students to generate their own study materials.”

“Make a bubble map of the big ideas, even do it Prezi style so students can see there are four sections… zoom in on one and it’s got five branches, etc….

Animated gifs

Conceptual frontloading.   HOw could conceptual frontloading be done for … oh, you know, a regular course like computer science?   (Because I thought of that term based on the way Dave Bock taught us all about how primitive and non-primitive variables are stored, with that whole concept of “pointing” even though he never called them pointers, with all kinds of visuals and concrete metaphors… geez, can you imagine a textbook that *had* possible metaphors and you could choose one to make as your study guide?)   (because isn’t that half of what’s missing in most texts?   They just do the literal stuff, not the “hey here’s how to actually understand it!” stuff?)

And I’m thinking I need to email my LD expert associates who are still at The New Community School and say “remember me?” which I have intended to do about the math stuff anyway, and ask them about that.

Except that … it’s 7:43 and I hae to present again 10:00 tomorrow.   “I move to table the motion to re-invent the e-text to support learning disabled students.”  “Motion seconded by your fingers.”   All in favor…

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