Posted on May 29, 2015


Okey dokey, if I’m going to do this more (there’s a topic for prayer and reflection) I’m going to have to get better with the tech stuff.

WHat? SUe? Get better with the tech stuff?   Aren’t you the one who is always helping everybody else?

Yea, but when I have to process a presentation *while* doing tech stuff, I’m challenged.  I forgot totally to ask people to tweet and they didn’t (which might be just as well ;))…

’nuff said.   Link to the powerpoint slides:   (except I thought I had a nicer name).

And I”m thinking about next year already (primarily because one of the committee folks was talking about what we’d do next year about the tech issues) … and thinking that if pick something back about Math and creating thinsg for math that I will not risk being “best in class” (if they continue that) because it’s more specific.

Watching tweets on the wall and I am happy to see that somebody referred to Julie Dirksen’s  and her book about usable learning, which I leafed through because it  puts little reminders in my head of who my target audience is and all the problems KNowing TOo Much can cause.

… but I digress!   A how to do tech stuff would not pretty much *need* that back and forth between the Internet, which the OER thing did.

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