One down…

Posted on May 28, 2015


Welp, it was okay 🙂

Rookie error:   not heading in early early and trying all of the stuff out on teh system there.   I tried everything out one more time on my computer but… didn’t have things set up to get to Internet on the screen everybody could see… adn didn’t think fast enough to process that I could have ignored the screen *entirely* and focused on the “students” who had brought their devices.

Objective observers said I was cool as cucumber — hey, that is the major, major advantage of being Vulcan 🙂

It rather helped that Anthony Pina – with a tilde over the N if I remembered how — one of our 3 KEYNOTE speakers — just jumped forward and talked about David Wiley being a friend and saying a few things he said, and a person whose name I forgot whose PhD was about getting faculty to do OER had pithy contributions as well.   And when I went up to thank him after dinner he was all about how good my stuff was.  You just gotta love teachers 🙂

*and* I get to do it over Friday adn we figured out that tech stuff, so … let’s get them folks learnin ):)

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