Different Route

Posted on May 27, 2015


I took a different route home tonight on the bicycle because Cleo the cocker spaniel is missing, so I rode through her neighborhood, calling her name occasionally (but recognizing that I wouldn’t be the voice she knew).

The route took me by Centennial High School where the marching band was doing strange things in the parking lot.

The strange things really weren’t much like the “final product” of a marching band. It reminded me of some of the strange drills we did on the swim team that were designed to prevent common mistakes in technique by exaggerating the correct action.

I’m thinking that some of the things in Common Core that make people point fingers and stare are analogous. When students would tend to memorize, let’s exaggerate the thinking part…

… but ’tis the night before Faculty SUmmer Institute.  The “big school play” and I’ve got not a lead part, but a significant one. Except … just memorizing won’t do it. But just like preparing for an exam, it behooves one to overprepare and to simulate the same stress as the real thing.  So… I’m off to do just that.   If I can pull this off, I just may become an itinerant preacher 🙂

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