Tables for two!

Posted on May 26, 2015


So a “thing” at work is planning a lunch with somebody in a different department (voluntary).   I just dined with the main librarian and mostly we talked about bicycling but on the last stretch walking to the stairs we speculated on the challenges of the library being so far away from the tutoring center.   The look on a frustrated student’s face when told that yes, there’s tutoring … in the D wing… made me consider finding a way to set up Google Hangout so that we could at least have “first contact” right then and there.   They’ve got ipads so I could see stuff and I could have one, too (or bring mine from home which I do lots anyway)…  so… thinking about that.

Then she took it one step further… imagine if, say, on ALEKS, if you met certain criteria, that a little window popped up just as it does on big commercial sites:  “Would you like to chat with a tutor?”

It wouldn’t have to be 24/7 … for math we would have to be able to either see pencil and paper or do what they *say* we will be able to do when we convert over to Microsoft Office 365 and have a “whiteboard” we could draw on… with a proper stylus or something to do the math… and I think audio would be important, too.   Hmmm…. wonder if it’s already out there somewhere…

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