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Posted on May 26, 2015


I know “learning styles” is No Longer Cool To Talk About, though those same people probably wouldn’t say “no, everybody learns the same way.”   I guess as long as “style” isn’t in the discussion…

… and I’m thinking when going over my presentation that this is an example of efficiency being paramount.   I really don’t need to hand out toothbrushes and have people cogitate on the analogy of Open Educational Resources being like toothbrushes per David Wiley.   and then solicit replies (tho’ I might, anyway).   In a way I’d be falling into the toothbrush trap:   telling them a little about OER but not getting to the real “how to find them and use them in ways that will work” part.     I’ll mention that distribution isn’t a worthy enough goal and that if they put these toothbrushes (in their packages) back in the basket I’ll get ’em over to the Eastern Illinois Foodbank.  After all, they could even be taking them home and using them on their bicycle chains.

Dudes, they were 99 cents … and when I read the small print, it said if I bought $12 worth of Oral-B or Crest Products, another $3 would get knocked off the price (and the computer did it, too). Score!

Then we’ll get to *my* analogy about the bicycles (how they can eb a whole lot more useful than people give ’em credit for…)

But… getting them to practice finding & working with them I think is more important than having them “discover” things about them.   SOmetimes a verbal description of exactly what you need to “discover” fully, then turning you loose to experiment and truly discover, is a whole lot better than letting you go down all kinds of (often entirely predictable, and often a secret “weed out the people who don’t already know” process) natural misconceptions that you have to unlearn.

Conceptual frontloading rocks 😛

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