Tedious passwords

Posted on May 25, 2015


So I went to a site for COABE (adult ed) resources.   I get a neat link to a thing about prepping for the new high school equivalency tests, which are no longer limited to the GED but which all are harder and have lots of obstacles to passing that only serve as obstacles to passing, not anything positive.   (In the previous iteration, folks coming in w/ GED generally knew more than people with that high school diploma thing.)

Well, what resource?   There’s no link to the resource at all; just its abstract.

So, I think, maybe I have to log in to get it.   Crappy web design — why should I have to figure that out?  The only thing worse than hoops to go through is having to figure them out for myself!   I hate hte current state of web “design” wherein i have to just Try TO Clik On Everything and if that doesn’t work, expand the boundaries of the Everything I’m clicking on and click some more… until I just leave, which I have done.

Oh, and passwords that need numbers and symbols… for access to adult ed stuff?   Can somebody explain — because just possibly there is one — why this is necessary? I’m giving them my name and email address; hardly my identity, and I thought hacking passwords really wasn’at how people did nefarious things anyway.

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