Really really really almost there!

Posted on May 23, 2015


The links in powerpoint


I need to figure out the best “handout” to have; it could be a one pager with The MOst IMportant STuff and a link to the details, online.  It could be a shortened version of the powerpoint (with lots of the photographs removed) along with the links list, which is what I’m leaning towards, since a person could follow along with that and then look later and remember, and/or make sense of it on its own.

… And I have to not freak out because … it’ll be recorded.   So people will be able to make sense of it, later, anyway, *if* it actually makes sense.

So I’m on I need to remember to cancel — I’m paid for a year ‘premium’ but starting in July it will be a job perk.  It will also be a student perk.  No kidding:   you can sign up for basketweaving 101 and get access to all of for free. I’m learning about fluid grid design and media inquiries so I can make a page of links that will work on your phone or your laptop.

I wonder who made this thing happen.  I could imagine that now, instead of the “web design” course at school having a set path, that since there are online tutorials in assorted aspects of design, that students could choose different paths.

I’m also figuring that next week Settle Down And Make MOvies week.   I’ll have two weeks of “not much at all happening” and then my week off to ride the bike (and I have to decide what to bring… the little guy will do powerpoint for the movie part but I need to be thinking interactive, too.)

And I have to not freak out 🙂

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