OER and OER again

Posted on May 17, 2015


Wishing Icould have hopped into the webinar about communitycolleges and OER — they’ve fixed the date (“Wednesday May 14” — so when I went there on the 14th, it was already over…having happened on Wednesday the 13th… )
I have watched the videos created by my nephew for assignments in 9th grade. It’s nice to know that at least his teachers aren’t having students regurgitate things; one assignment was to demonstrate understanding of adaptions (yes, in my world they’re adaptations) and survival and natural selection using a toilet paper roll. His developed a shiny skin so as to blend in with the silver chair, and a slit so that it could hop quickly from the chair to evade the predator, the pencil… it was pretty clever and well presented with musical background and text captions. (He also made me a birthday cake that was in keeping with his other video assignment for health class about the benefits of home cooked food over processed food).
I do wonder how hard it is to think of good assignments … probably n o harder than framing questions for tests and essays.
Tomorrow’s the d r i v e back to Illinois… more practice for my presentation. Then … back to work and trying to finish up a math module that makes sense…

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