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Posted on May 13, 2015


I might just hang in there for this one — the University of Maryland App Development Course via Coursera.   Week one has me going into GitHub and … I’m hoping he tells me how (specific to the assignment that I just peeked at before I watched the movie) in the movie I haven’t watched. He says tens of thousands of people are signed up for the course… but I’m not sure that’s this current version, and that the teaching assistants have been helping people who have had problems. I don’t know if you have to be on the “signature track” (where you fire up your webcam and take a typing test so there’s reason to believe you’re the one doing things, and it costs $50 or something like that) to get the help or not… so far my one glitch was answered on Stack Overflow, where I inadvertently upclicked somebody’s rep by ten — but hey, I don’t have the rep to undo it.   It nets that person “comment everywhere” rights, though, so whatever.

I took the quiz, too… which has a fair amount of detail in it that you wouldn’t necessarily *need* to know to make an app, but makes sense if you’re going to actually do it for a living (like knowing what assorted online communities do – and yes, he includes StackOverflow in the mix).  The only thing “graded” is the survey (which, per usual, included a fair number of categories I had to say “none of the above” to… )

I do like the letter to everybody — just because it’s going out to 10,000 + doesnt’ mean it cant have humor and be personal.

But it’s time to go for the Wednesday Ride~~  think I’ll leave the big hanging plant here overnight instead of hauling it around (end of year Plant Sale from the Ag Department).

Alas, didn’t get any further than looking at my Integers Powerpoint — but I *did* get my presentation one sent onward so … that’s what I’ll be tackling tomorrow. MOVIE TIME!!!

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