just because I’m distractable doesn’t mean I

Posted on May 12, 2015


Coursera emailed a recommended course in making apps.

You can’t find out stuff like “okay, what is the course really about” without signing up so I did. It says I’ll need to know Java .(encouraging — I don’t want the ‘easy app maker, plug your pieces in!’ thing) .. and Coursera will give me free ebooks on CCS and HTML5 and making games with them.   Oh dear 🙂  Self:   5 hours waste time limit on this before cutting the cord or going into the deep end.

I was required to say how familiar I was with the University of Maryland, College Park (grew up in Greenbelt; yes, I’m familiar… a truly horribly managed institution back in the 70’s) – and to sign up at amazon.com as a developer! I gave a reasonable scan of the agreement and nobody would want to sign on to make money, but they do have “no, I don’t want to monetize” as an option and I guess they’re hoping I’ll buy stuff.

That said, Coursera (or the folks making that course), you *really* ought to have a path back to the course or a link that goes to a separate window when you send me places off-site.   (Note to self:   remember that in design…)

But on a less distracting distraction, I’m figuring out which links to include in my “Sue’s curated list of cool links.”   The oerconsortium.org site is awesome — they’ve shared some slideshows about OER and accessibility and general information that are really useful.   http://academicearth.org/mathematics/  — claims to curate the best in online courses.  Since the first one I checked is All Khan Academy All The Time … end of distraction 😉

… and… no, you don’t get the ebooks for signing up.  Oh, a week or two after the course is over, they’ll send you an email.   Welp, free is free…

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